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Tips to prevent gymnastics injuries

Gymnastics is a sport that requires power, flexibility, balance, and coordination. The competitors today are tremendous athletes who perform complex acrobatic skills. They are also at risk for injuries. This article suggests some ways to decrease the number of gymnastics injuries....(more)

Famous Sports Injuries: Joe Theismann's Career-ending Injury

Although physical sports come with a risk of injury, most players sustain only minor injuries throughout the course of the game. Joe Theismann, however, made sports history forever with his career-ending injury in 1985. It was so gruesome that it stuck in fans' minds for years as an example of what happens when sports injuries go too far....(more)

The Relationship Between Smoking and Your Bone Health

The harmful effects of smoking on your lungs, heart and pancreas are well-documented. A lesser-known side-effect of smoking is the harm it does to your bones. Here are some quick facts about the link between smoking and bone health....(more)

Sleeping Positions That Contribute or Benefits Back Pain

Orthopedics is a very popular form of medicine, and involves treatment to the musculoskeletal system. Many Americans suffer persistent back pain, due to stress and strain in their daily lives. Back pain affects a majority of the population at least once during their lives. Most back pain comes from strain and repetitive movement of the spine, and is not caused by a specific disease. However, waking up after a long night's sleep with back pain is increasingly common, and most of the time, this is due to poor sleeping habits. There are a number of sleeping positions that can contribute to back pain. If you are suffering from generalized, non-specific back pain, this article is for you....(more)


What patients can expect from arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Arthroscopic shoulder surgeries are some of the most common surgeries in orthopedics. About 1.4 million are performed each year. This article offers an overview of these procedures, what injuries can be treated arthroscopically, and what patients can expect after arthroscopic shoulder surgery....(more)

What to expect in arthroscopic knee surgery

Arthroscopic knee surgeries are some of the most common knee surgeries in orthopedics. In fact, four million are performed each year. This article offers an overview of these procedures, what injuries can be treated arthroscopically, and what patients can expect after arthroscopic knee surgery....(more)

Questions patients often ask about partial meniscectomy surgeries

Partial meniscectomy, a procedure where an orthopedic surgeon arthroscopically removes part of the meniscus after a meniscus tear, is one of the most common surgeries in all of orthopedics. This article offers a list of questions that patients often ask as they prepare to undergo surgery....(more)


Olecranon bursitis

Olecranon bursitis is a common cause of elbow pain and swelling. It can result from repetitive pressure or irritation of the tip of the elbow. It can usually be resolved without surgery, but surgery is occasionally needed. This article offers an overview of this elbow condition....(more)

Surgical treatment of distal biceps ruptures

Rupture of the distal biceps tendon at the elbow is a painful injury often seen in athletes and active individuals after age 30. Patients often elect to undergo surgery to reattach the tendon. This article discusses surgical treatment options and the recovery and possible complications from surgery....(more)

Common questions about nursemaid's elbow

Nursemaid's elbow is a general term for radial head subluxation. This is a fairly common injury among toddlers. The following article offers information regarding this elbow injury....(more)

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