5 more recommendations to prevent youth pitching injuries

Shoulder and elbow injuries are increasing among young baseball pitchers. For example, the number of pitchers who have undergone ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction - bet (MORE)
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Return to sports and exercise after patellar tendon repair

A patellar tendon rupture is one of the most devastating injuries to the knee for active people. The injury requires surgery and can take many months to regain normal knee mot (MORE)

Tips to prevent eye injuries in sports

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, sports account for approximately 100,000 eye injuries each year. Roughly 42,000 of those injuries require evaluation in eme (MORE)

5 tips to prevent overuse injuries in youth sports

Overuse injuries result from continued stress on a single part of the body without enough time to rest. About half of all injuries in youth sports are thought to result from o (MORE)